Love Goes Around Again

Words and music by Ruth Pelham
1997 Ruth Pelham Music


My little sister Valerie is learning to write
I teach her a letter and a number each night
She gets so excited ‘cause she learns really quick
But sometimes she gets stuck and she gets in a fit
And I say “Come on, Val, it’s o.k.”


That’s what caring is all about
Someone has a need
You try to help out
You do for others what you’d want for you
And the love goes around again
And around
And the love goes around again

It’s hard for Mrs. Johnson to shovel the snow
She’s getting old and the lifting hurts her back and her bones
When I see her outside, I say “Mrs. Johnson, can I help?”
She says “Yes” then I go get my shovel and broom
And we clear off her steps as we talk


Tyrell came to my house looking troubled and sad
“Tyrell, what’s the matter? Is it something real bad?”
“Why do you ask? Nothing’s wrong” then he burst out in tears
And I held him real tight as he told me ‘bout his mom and his dad
And the hard times they have


A man walking by my house stumbled and fell
I could tell he’d been drinking by the way that he smelled
I ran up my steps and shouted “Hang on Mister, I’m gonna get my mom!”
Then my mom and her friend came outside
With a blanket, some coffee, a scarf and some gloves



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