Welcome to the 2007
"Living in My Neighborhood Calendar"

A Collection of Activities, Songs, and Projects That Can Make A Difference



Welcome to the 2007 “Living In My Neighborhood” Calendar songs and activities.

Here at Music Mobile, WE BELIEVE IN THE POSITIVE POWER OF YOUNG PEOPLE to make a difference at home, in school, in our neighborhoods, and in the world. That's why we created the Living In My Neighborhood Calendar to be used by young people who care about their communities.

With 365 days in the year, you have 365 chances to do things to make life better for all of us! Even if you do only SOME things in the calendar on SOME of the days of the year, I PROMISE THAT YOU WILL DEFINITELY MAKE A VERY BIG AND POSITIVE DIFFERENCE!

I AM SURE -- and so are millions of other people all around the world -- that day by day, month by month, person by person, hand to hand, and heart to heart, WE CAN CHANGE OUR WORLD FOR THE BETTER! Please never forget it and always believe it.

With hope and song,

Ruth Pelham




"Being Good Neighbors"

 words by Ruth Pelham

(c) 2003 Ruth Pelham Music


Sing this song to the tune of

"Hush Little Baby (The Mockingbird Song)"

There are neighbors living in my neighborhood
Who I like a lot, who are kind and good
We care for each other, that's what we do
They help me and I help them too
And then there are neighbors that I hardly know
I smile at them and I say hello
Once a year we get together in June
We clean up our neighborhood, we sing some tunes
We pick up the litter, plant flowers, and talk
We make our plans for the Neighborhood Walk
That happens every year in the month of September
It's what we do to raise money together
The money gets spent on things that are good
For all of the people in our neighborhood
My neighbors are caring, I think they're great
We all try to love and not to hate
Yes, being good neighbors is the thing to do
You for me and me for you.



 Instrumental Version





If someone in asked you what it's like living in a neighborhood where are people are good neighbors, this song could very well be the answer! Try making up a new song with a new first line, for example, "Being good neighbors is what we do" or "People are kind in my neighborhood." Notice that the last word of every two lines is a rhyme!


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